MAGCONS provides services to various sectors like Cement, Power, Aluminium, Coal, Mining, Refineries, Chemical, Petrochemical, Textile etc.

Our specialization also covers - Designs for Large Storage silos - both RCC & Steel, Chimneys, Hoppers, Bunkers, deep underground structures like river/sea intakes, wagon tipplers, track hoppers, Tall structures like preheaters, Big Dynamic machine foundations including TG/DG, Domes, shells, large storage reservoirs, jetties, large tanks, rehabilitation & strengthening etc.

MAGCONS Services

Basic Engineering Services

This helps our clients to get the proper estimates of the project for their planning. Even EPC companies, get the help with this service for quoting the projects accurately.

Detail Engineering Services

All the detailed calculations and execution drawings are prepared by us. With these drawings the complete work is done at site.

Project Management

We dedicatedly create a team of Engineers to be deputed at site for the quality check ,planning and scheduling of the work. Even Contractors bills are certified.

Tender & Project Reports

Preparation of basic drawings with tender documents. Prepares the detailed report with estimated quantities and cost along with other details to accomplish the project.

Bar Bending drawings

Prepare the BAR BENDING SCHDULES for the site it helps in accurately fabricate the bars and minimize wastages.This helps in controlling the reinforcement use at site and for certification of bills.

Fabrication/shop Drawings

We prepare the detailed shop/fabrication drawings with Bill of Materials. This helps in doing structural steel works with precision and minimizies wastages and certifying the bills.

Stability Certificates

We certify the structure for its safety, strength and stability. We give detailed inspection services along with solutions to rehabilitation and strengthening for stability of structures.


We do valuation of mega projects and issue the detailed valuation reports.